Margaret Wehrenberg Psy.D.

Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D., is the author of 5 books published by W.W. Norton, includingThe 10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques, The 10 Best Ever Depression Management Techniques and her most recent 10 Best Anxiety Busters, an ideal book for the general public. She earned her M.A. studying psychodrama and bioenergetics, and had years of experience as a certified drug and alcoholism counselor, before earning her Psy.D. She now specializes in treating anxiety and depression, and has a private practice in Naperville, IL. She is a frequent contributor of articles to The Psychotherapy Networker magazine, has contributed a chapter to Clinical Pearls of Wisdom (Ed. M. Kerman), and has produced CD for breathing, muscle relaxation and imagery for anxiety management. 

Author of

Depression Management Techniques

There is a lot that you can do to lift the depression that weighs you down. Management Techniques that you can learn and apply to change thinking and behavior will help you move out of depression and prevent you from falling back into it.

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