Jessica Koehler Ph.D.

Jessica Koehler has a Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Maryland, where her research focused on school-based prevention, collaborative school teams, and teacher efficacy. Prior to that, she conducted neuropsychological evaluations of children at a functional neuroimaging lab investigating the underlying neuroscience of dyslexia and hyperlexia. As part of a university-based research study, Dr. Koehler also supervised the implementation of a social skills intervention within a public school district.

Aside from her research experiences, she worked as a school psychologist in public school settings conducting comprehensive psychoeducational assessments and developing academic and behavioral interventions for struggling learners. Dr. Koehler furthered her clinical training to become a proficient collaborative consultant assisting regular education teachers’ efforts to improve learning outcomes for all students.

Outside of clinical and research roles, Dr. Koehler has experience as a lecturer in psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She currently teaches live online psychology classes to high school students, via Athena’s Advanced Academy. In addition to being a homeschooling parent of two boys, she is focused on bringing the science of psychology to parenting, homeschooling, and online learning.

Author of

Beyond School Walls

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