Jenny Grant Rankin Ph.D.

Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin teaches the PostDoc Masterclass at University of Cambridge (as lecturer once per year), writes books for educators and researchers (her 10th book is Sharing Your Education Expertise with the World: Make Research Resonate and Widen Your Impact), and trains educators and academics on her books' topics (including a TED Talk at TEDxTUM). She has a Ph.D. in Education and previously served as an award-winning K-12 teacher, assistant principal / school administrator, district administrator, and chief education & research officer. She is an active member of Mensa (volunteering as assistant coordinator of Orange County Mensa’s Gifted Youth Program) and many academic organizations, boards, and panels. Dr. Rankin has been honored multiple times by the U.S. White House for her contributions to education. Learn more about Dr. Rankin, her research, her press, and her publications at

Author of

Much More Than Common Core

On education, motivation, giftedness, and other related areas. Read now.