Jennifer Lea Reynolds

Jennifer Lea Reynolds is a journalist and advocate, and the founder of The Kindness Couture, an effort dedicated to shedding cloaks of negativity and making sure kindness remains in style. Her articles on mental-health topics like ADHD, body image, relationships, and grief have been published in outlets including U.S. News & World Report, Woman’s Day, Smithsonian magazine, Reader’s Digest, Mental Floss, and HuffPost, and she’s been the featured guest on nationally-broadcast podcasts including Distraction and Health Check.

From kindness in the corporate culture to easy ways to demonstrate caring acts, she’s dedicated to showcasing the benefits of compassion and empathy. Motivated by her own unpleasant experiences with bullying, Reynolds also draws on research about the decline of workplace kindness. Her Facebook page, The Kindness Couture, provides more information about increasing empathy. Reynolds has also written two children’s picture books encouraging kindness, compassion, and hope in young people—Carl, The Not-so-Crabby Crab and The Cat Who Loved the Moon. A graduate of Monmouth University, she lives in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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