Hal Shorey Ph.D.

Hal Shorey, Ph.D., is a professor of clinical psychology at Widener University's Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology. He earned his doctorate from the University of Kansas, where he conducted research on positive psychology and how to help adults establish more rewarding and satisfying lives. He now applies this expertise through counseling individuals and couples and through helping discriminating professionals optimize their performance at work.

He has published multiple book chapters and scientific articles on hope, resilience, leadership, and using personality theory to foster better outcomes in psychotherapy. As a faculty member in the nation’s oldest accredited doctor of psychology program (Widener University's Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology), he supervises graduate students in their clinical training and teaches courses on psychotherapy, consulting psychology, and leadership development.

Having completed his internship and postdoctoral work at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical school, he was trained in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral psychotherapies and is skilled in the use of mindfulness and solution-focused interventions. He specializes in helping people with depression and anxiety untangle the past experiences that keep them from moving beyond old and unworkable behaviors. This same approach is equally applicable to helping couples work through those issues or helping eliminate barriers to progress at work.

Author of

The Freedom to Change

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