First of all, revenge is never justice, that means that if you give someone who murdered someone the chair for legal death, you become just as bad still.
Second, it doesn't change the likely that if a serious offender has no chance to even change, a chance of re offending might likely occurs. Some see "revenge" as a further step to help "prevent" crime, but in reality it's two steps back, maybe only steps back. And when you take a look at what the best solution is, it's what Norway probably does.
Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that serves revenge (e.g. retribution), degrades morality and doesn't give any real value.
Besides, there are true good ways to prevent it.
Also I am not sure on what society in general in Norway is like.

The only time I believe "payment" should be used is if it's "Valuable" (e.g. an offender working for the law.), must be very limited, and only work for large offenses. If it's not limited then there will be no encouragement to have the offender bothered to work with the law.
That's the only thing that should be used if there had to be a payment when it comes to deterrence. If the person refuse, then have the law make the person leave the country and legally ported somewhere else.

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