I think a lot of the issue stems from our preconceived notions of others and unwarranted expectations. We “meet” people online and think we’re able to piece together their reality, even if we have only the slightest glimpse of who they are. Once we’ve made up our minds about their “truth”, we become angry when they defy our expectations of who they should be.

The internet further complicates the issue by making the expression of anger/hate easier for those without the courage to address their concerns in the real world. Take your example of James Charles, who was fed to the wolves by his 30-something year old “friend”.

I can only assume a person in their 30s who participates in such behavior has a very low locus of control. Could Tati (the friend) not have contacted James privately to discuss her anger/found out if there was a misunderstanding? Or, if she truly knew she had been done wrong, simply discontinue their friendship/block?

Tati didn’t do that though, as she was obviously seeking revenge (over a vitamin endorsement :-/ ) in a cowardly way. She let “the mob” attack her friend, over what have turned out to be lies, because Charles didn’t meet her expectations. It’s very likely neither Tati or the majority of her internet mob would addressed Charles in person. Having the internet as a platform makes it easy for those without courage/conviction to say crappy things to each other with few consequences.

A month later and Charles seems to be doing fine. Though he initially lost some followers, it seems many people have seen the situation for what it actually was in the long run. That is, if this wasn’t always a ratings ploy orchestrated by both YouTubers...

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