Cancel culture can be extremely dangerous because the punishment can sometimes not fit the crime. Look at what happened to James Charles (popular Youtuber). His friend got hurt feelings and made a video about it in which she also lied and made him out to be a sexual predator. Massive un-following and returning makeup to stores ensued before he could adequately defend himself. People need to be very careful before participating in cancel culture because it can be very powerful and dangerous. It may even backfire as shown in the first example of this article.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone harmed them themselves because they can't deal with the massive worldwide hate being thrown at them. Then it would probably turn around on the person or group who instigated it. Maybe they would feel guilt, maybe not. Maybe it depends on how strong the reverse hate mob is. Every situation is different, but this is a crazy phenomenon of our era. Even if you are a good person who did nothing wrong someone could make something up about you, or just be mistaken, and off the internet hate/gossip machine goes.

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