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The “Einstellung Effect” arises from the brain’s function to form patterns for easy and quick decision in the future when one is faced with a situation which requires one to act quickly and without thinking which is evolutionarily good for survival. The pattern becomes sort of a highway along which our thought energies would flow. It’s draw back is manifested in Abraham Luchins’ experiment, which in my metaphor means not seeing the side tracks which would take us more quickly to our goals.

My argument is that this same draw back arising from forming patterns can be used to free on from the “Einstellung Effect”. And how is that? By developing the habit (a pattern) of regularly doing the unfamiliar as often as possible! For example; change your familiar roads to where you go and come, try different cuisines, mix different foods which you normally keep separate, read what is different from what you normally read, etc. It is also fun!

I am not claiming that this method will always overcome the “Einstellung Effect” but my life experience showed me that it is effective. For example, I went through all the ten problems in the table in order before continuing to read the rest of the article and easily thought of the simpler solutions that were different from the solutions to the previous ones.

This is akin to gravity which pulls everything down enabling birds and airplanes to go against it and fly up. By capturing the air surrounding the earth, gravity enabled a new principle, namely the Bernoulli’s Principle to arise and give birds and airplanes the ability to defeat gravity!

I am proposing to defeat the effect of the “Einstellung Effect” using the same pattern forming habit of the brain.

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