When my son was born, I almost died from hemorrhage due to lack of platelets. I had an emergency c-section performed by a specialist in high risk deliveries. My physician told me later that it was the closest he'd ever come to losing a patient.
I was terrified before the surgery but strangely calm afterwards. As soon as I saw my son, I felt completely calm and knew that I would be fine. I didn't even realize that I was still in danger. I just had a deep sense that no matter what happened, I would be alright.

This experience hasn't made me immune to the stresses and struggles of life, but in the 8 years since his birth, it has helped me to decrease the anxiety I feel. I used to feel anxious most of the time and have learned to handle more and more difficult situations without wasting time and effort on anxiety. I just feel as though there is a deeper connection in life that matters much more than the squalls on the surface.

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