Right now in most cases the "toxic personality" is in ascendance since in our present corporate system that is the type of behavior that is wanted, nurtured and rewarded. Most of us at one time or another have worked with such people. They are known for taking others works and claiming them as their own. Lying, cheating, stealing whatever is necessary to look better than the person who does their work and doesn't play the game. Now such people with the "dark triad" of traits also tend to be poor at actual solid work. Which is why manipulation of others is necessary, to play up their small role into a larger section than those others who did their due diligence to complete whatever project at hand. They are the parasites not the poor, not the common worker.

Not everyone thinks in the negative (Nazi) Eugenic way of killing those who don't have traits deemed "good". We have mostly gone beyond that though the entrepreneurial spirit has kept eugenics alive and well and I still see it invoked even if the person using it might not know the word.

We still know very little about our own brains to cure those who cannot have empathy which gives them the ability to do things most of the rest of us wouldn't do.

The best way at this point is to change the system that doesn't make the Dark Triad useful in any context of the work. And if we put more democracy into our business model and lessen the huge gap of earning in the corporate pyramid would also aid in things. Having a system that caters to if not written by one of them is just going to lead further down the dark path we need to avoid. Such financial disparate we have work against our democratic system and toward a Plutocratic one we seem to be in now.

A system that supports the "Dark Toxic Triad" needs to be changed, thrown out and replaced with one that benefits from people working together and less about dominance. One where one person cannot claim the work of others. Until we do the worst elements of our population will rule over us and I for one do not like our prospects under them.

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