Well the evidence is that productivity has been abysmal for almost 3 decades - and that’s with the most liberal economic regime since the 1920s.

So if the corporate hierarchical system has failed then it is because we are promoting the wrong people!

We have too many political psychos gaming the system.

The incentives govt have loaded since Thatcher and Reagan have not delivered positive outcomes.

Imo, government needs to intervene around stock compensation, break up monopolies esp in tech, and reverse the cultural atomization.

I say this as an investment banker - someone relatively successful - but having witnessed turds rising to the top over and over again.

In the end people are really weak - they don’t stand up for themselves enough or call idiots out. And managers are the worst in needing their fragile egos fed - most of them feel inside they shouldn’t be there - and the irony is they’re right.

Luckily I work at a smaller co now and it’s more more team based.

But I hated the years at big institutions

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