Of course they get ahead. They have to. They could never be happy working alongside others. They must get above, no one in the common area wants to work with them and their assumed superiority. They have to get to a level above everybody else. The are dictators, they love power. They love to be unreasonable and make people uncomfortable. They play politics and manipulation of their superiors to move up. They are great writers of all manner of disciplinary notes that get people fired or get them to quit. If you work hard they get insulted, they say this is not what I wanted, this is not right. Even if you have been doing your job for 20 years. It doesn't matter, this is not how they want things done. They are in charge now. If you are good they become paranoid of you and out you go. It is best to quietly look for another job if you can unless by some miracle they go away.

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