My question is, if it's just "pure" addiction to sex, Weinstein sure went about it in a overly-costly and inefficient way.

My issue is not how this hack of a PhD addresses Weinstein's actions. It is how he states that sex addiction is not real.


Your words come across as judgmental, academic and all knowing.

Not to me. He sounds like he's right on target. However, it describes you, ironically.

I would use the same words about you. Prejudiced, judgmental, made up your mind before you read anything.

Actually, I'd bet you'd learn something if he were your therapist. Sometimes good things come out of an honest discussion. But if you select your therapist based on your own beliefs, you sometimes don't get the feedback you need. Not saying that is the case here, just said SOMETIMES.[/quote]

My therapist is not the issue. My therapist does not consider me SA. I have read Patrick Carnes, attend meetings and have done tons of work.

And let me tell you something, nitwit. Withdrawal is real. Anxiety, heart racing, depression, suicidal thoughts are common. There is a very real, physical, mental and emotional response that many addicts feel. Get a f-ing clue before you get up on your big soapbox with your tiny mind.

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