I can see why young men are getting Porn Burn Out and ED with Real Sex.

Once past foreplay, sex is kinda boring. I'm face down on her pillow with a clump of hair in my mouth or I'm starting at her nape of her back/shoulders/back of her head as I'm thrusting else I'm staring at the ceiling.

With porn you view all of the body parts and openings as you climax. If the woman is even slightly flawed (Like a beautiful woman with tattooed dog paw marks on her hips!!!), you can endlessly flip channels until you find the Kink you want---real life is not like that

Worse, the scenes are medically impossible (short strokes with five women for 1/2 Hour?!!! Plus, there never is any Guilt, even with incest with your mother-aunt-sister-girlfriend!!!

Once the brain rewards such behaviour, it's hard to go back to Real World sex!!!

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