"It creates the wrong kind of expectations about sex"
That's like saying movies create the wrong kind of expectations about life.

Good point. They're both designed to entertain, not teach.

There is graphic "porn" video out there that is instructional. But it doesn't sell as well (or the stuff that's free doesn't get a lot of hits or downloads). Just like instructional films in health class about how to live life aren't big sellers either.

So, yes, the complaint really is silly in a free society. Because, what else would you want -- would you want to force Google to list only instructional sex videos showing the proper way to have satisfying sex when a person types in the search words, "balloon popping orgasm fetish"?!

So yes, it really is utterly absurd to complain about the fact that people can choose to find porn that is unrealistic.

So, to all of those who complain about porn in this regard, since we live in a free society, and you (conservatives) insisted that you do not want to teach anything but abstinence in school, wasn't the whole idea that YOU would teach kids about sex at home? Whatever happened to that concept? And nobody is forcing parents to make the Internet available to their teenage kids.

Yes, enough of the whining and bellyaching about porn.

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