Fake News: Part Two

Dealing with the truth.

Posted Jun 12, 2019

In our last post we talked about how to separate fake news from real news. We talked about going to trusted sources or sources that others you respect trust. We talked about evaluating what you find and thinking for yourself. And very specifically, we talked about using your values as a guide. In this post were going to look at how you can deal with what you find to be the truth and not fake.

First, keep what you're seeing and reading in perspective. The present situation is not a permanent state of affairs. It is temporary, not permanent. Things will change.

The news may be terrible but it is does not have to have a pervasive effect on you or your life. Yes, it may affect specific areas of your life, but not everything. Again this will pass.

And perhaps the hardest one: don't engage in the blame game. Hold people accountable, but don't waste a lot of emotion on blaming them or blaming yourself. Maybe you could've done more to prevent the mess you're reading about. So decide today what you will do differently in the future and do it. Let go. Hold yourself accountable, but don't waste time and energy  blaming yourself

And last of all, take care of yourself. Eat and sleep, even if you don't feel like it. This nation needs you at your best. Manage the emotions that the daily news stirs up. This is a major part of self-care. Vent, discharge, talk about how you feel and what you think. Don't push all of this down. Anger and fear are toxic. Let go of them.