Seven Things On My Gratitude List for This Year

No matter how tough it was, there are always things to be grateful for.

Posted Nov 24, 2014

The Pilgrims didn’t have it very easy at all, and a great many of them never lived to see the first Thanksgiving. According to some sources, the Pilgrims dug seven graves for every hut they built. We have come a long way since then.

I have always been a believer in the power of gratitude. I know it has worked for me and for countless others. Just the act of keeping a gratitude journal or just writing down what you are grateful for can lighten depression or anxiety and help you feel better. Many people do it nightly, but I love that we have this purely American holiday that reminds us to be grateful at least once a year. It’s so easy to forget how good we have it, even when times are tough.

So here is my gratitude list for this year:

• I am grateful that no one I care for has gotten gravely ill or died and that I am healthy. My support system is still intact, and that means a lot when the chips are down.

• I am grateful that I know we have gotten through worse economic times, and we will survive this one as well. Every time the sun rises, we have a new chance to make our lives better. Recessions end; family is forever.

• I am grateful that we seem to be getting the clue that greed isn’t good and integrity is. What matters is who we are, not what we have. There is more to life than money.

• I’m grateful for a sudden unexpected change that knocked me for an emotional loop and motivated me to move to the next level. I am amazed at life and how much we are given, if we don’t give up.

• I am grateful that I have many friends and that I don’t have time to hang out on my Facebook page or IM my BFF during the day. It’s better to be a little stressed because you have too much to do than worried because you don’t have enough going on.

• I am grateful that I am almost techno-savvy. I’m learning to text but never while driving. I can surf the Net and get answers to all kinds of questions and have even fixed my own computer.

And lastly, I am very grateful that I have this blog and the gift of writing that goes with it as well as so much support from the PT community and my readers.

Someone once said that one of the greatest gifts was an unanswered prayer. If you are questioning your self-worth and what your purpose on the planet is, make this a season of not only gratitude but also self-rediscovery. The passage of time and a little thought can change many things. There’s a saying that fits here: “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens.

So here's your call to action: Write your own gratitude list, I'd love to read it.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

Photo by Barton Goldsmith