Liz Swan Ph.D.

Liz Swan Ph.D.

Liz Swan, Ph.D., earned a doctorate in philosophy from the University of South Carolina, where she specialized in cognitive science and worked on the question of how human consciousness emerged from the natural world. Her research is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating biology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and artificial intelligence. She has taught at the college level at several different institutions, including during appointments as the Horning Postdoctoral Research Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science at the Center for Humanities at Oregon State University, and the Philosophical Naturalism Fellow at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, NY. She edited Origins of Mind and co-edited Origin(s) of Design in Nature, and has published research papers in The Journal of Mind and Behavior, Biology and Philosophy, and The International Journal of Machine Consciousness. She also enjoys writing for a broader audience, as evidenced by her anthology, Yoga: Philosophy for Everyone, and her essays in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Philosophy Now, and IEEE Technology and Society Magazine.

Liz lives with her husband and their young son in Boulder County, Colorado where she writes, teaches yoga, avoids high-elevation hikes, and contemplates returning to college teaching.

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