Anonymous wrote:

I can see why young men are getting Porn Burn Out and ED with Real Sex.

Once past foreplay, sex is kinda boring.


Once the brain rewards such behaviour, it's hard to go back to Real World sex!!!

Well, I think you hit the nail on the head when you used the word "see" in "I can see why...". That's just the thing. Porn obviously emphasizes the visual, which is a strong component for many men. Which leads to the assumption, as this post seems to make, that the only stimulating input for men is visual. For some men, there are other components which can be very strong, and sometimes even stronger than visual inputs depending on specific early experiences. But porn can't provide those other inputs, and therefore teaches young men that the visual is everything.

And indeed, as the other comment here suggests, men with too much porn experience can become very boring lovers. I've heard women complain about men who insist on certain positions which have no other function than to allow a close view by a camera, even though there is no camera! Indeed, understandably very boring for the woman, not to mention odd and uncomfortable.

My opinion is that men should use porn as much as possible and develop these odd habits and be bored with real women. That leaves lots of real women for me! Thank you, porn guys!

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