The Number One Way to Overcome Infidelity

Moving past infidelity means forgiving the unforgivable. Yet research indicates that forgiveness-inspired relational commitment predicts whether the relationship will survive

Is Facebook Spying on an Ex-Flame The New Normal?

Has Facebook stalking become the new normal? Research indicates that post-break up covert monitoring of an ex-flame after a breakup is increasingly common.

Are You Facebook Friends With a Psychopath? How to Tell

Worried about Facebook friending a psychopath? When it comes to spotting dark personalities on Facebook, research reveals red flags.

Look Closer: How to Spot Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking is an insidious epidemic, but it is not invisible. They key is knowing what to look for, and where to look.

You Are Judged By Your Screen Name, So Choose Carefully

Sexual predators prey on women using provocative screen names. Yet good guys are looking too. So choose your screen name carefully.

How Jealous Partners Use Facebook to Monitor and Manipulate

Partners do not always make good Facebook friends. How digital surveillance, manipulation, and mate-retention strategies can be harmful to your relationship.

In the Digital Age, Why Voyeurs Prefer to Spy in Person

Even in the digital age, prying eyes prefer to spy in person. The thrill is in catching an unauthorized view of unsuspecting victims.

How Reality TV Preferences Reveal Personality

Reality TV watchers love to live vicariously through other people's lives. Clinical voyeurism is different: It's a paraphilic disorder involving observing unsuspecting victims.

Do Psychopaths Crave Dark Chocolate? Bittersweet New Study

Afraid your new love interest is whispering bittersweet nothings? Study reveals a preference for bitter foods might reveal a toxic personality.

Beyond Looking: When Voyeurism Leads to Criminal Behavior

Voyeuristic tendencies range from the mild to the malevolent. And although such behavior itself is unsettling, some voyeuristic individuals do more than just look.

Catch Your Partner Spying on Other Women? What It Means

Should you be concerned when your partner has eyes for you . . . and unsuspecting others? Will voyeurism harm your relationship, even if he is “just looking"?

The Open Book: What Your Reading Choices Say About You

You are what you read. Your choice in plot and complexity speaks volumes about who you are and how you think.

How Jealousy Can Jeopardize Your Romantic Relationship

Some romantic partners mistakenly believe that jealousy is good. Research, however, links jealousy with controlling behaviors as well as intimate partner violence.

Three Ways to Build Romance in the Early Stages of Dating

Relational bonding develops over time. Successful relationships are ones in which both partners move slowly both emotionally and physically.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Holiday Travel Thieves

Holiday travel is both difficult and distracting. That is what thieves are banking on. Understand the psychology of distraction in order to stay focused, and stay safe.

What to Do After a First Date If You Want a Second

After a terrific first date, what should you do to ensure there is a second? Research shows that moving slowly enhances relational development and satisfaction.

The Biggest Red Flag That Your Partner Is Not "The One"

Infatuation Alert: You have feelings of anticipation and excitement whenever you think about your new love interest. But is your emotional intoxication healthy or harmful?

How LinkedIn Profiles Reveal User Personality

Business profiles are meant for professional networking, yet research indicates we leak our true personalities through sites meant to showcase our professional identity.

Two Ways to Spot When a Suitor Is Becoming a Stalker

When it comes to attention, there can be too much of a good thing. When focus becomes fixation, it is time to end a relationship that has crossed the line.

Toxic Tagging: Be Careful What You Post About Your Friends

Avoid posting too much information about your connections; not everyone is comfortable sharing personal information online.

Three Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Facebook is the virtual water cooler. Oversharing, about yourself or others, can be dangerous because not everyone in your network is your friend.

Five Ways to Maintain a Predator-Proof LinkedIn Profile

The vast majority of people who research you on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn are legitimate professionals. The others, are virtual voyeurs, or predators.

LinkedIn: How to Spot Predators Posing as Professionals

Online business networking sites provide an aura of authenticity. Exploiting the legitimacy of platforms like LinkedIn, predators often masquerade as professionals.

5 Ways to Shake a Stalker: Disengaging Delusional Pursuit

Even with positive attention, there can be too much of a good thing. When friends and fans become fanatical, it is time to actively disengage.

Cyberstalker Alert: Spotting Dangerous Friends and Followers

Take note of online strangers who have become overly familiar with your personal information. The next step is contact—with an unrealistic expectation of reciprocity.

“Don't I Know You?” How Curious Strangers Become Stalkers

Familiarity breeds contentment. Be alert for signs that someone has formed a unilateral, imaginary relationship with you — and may expect something in return.

Beware Handsome Strangers: When Online Suitors Are Scammers

Social media is a convenient, rewarding way to keep up with existing relationships, and form new ones. This is also why it is such an attractive tool for criminals.

Face Time: What Expression Makes the Best First Impression?

We size each other up quickly, based on what we see. A happy face is noticeable, memorable, and creates positive emotion—which enhances the perception of authenticity.

When Post-Breakup Pursuit Becomes Stalking

Relational pursuit is part of love stories and romantic comedies, even after a breakup. Unfortunately, glamorous depictions of unrequited love create a false sense of normalcy.

How to Spot the Stalker: When Casual Dating is Dangerous

How many dates does it take to form a relationship? Stalkers might say one — or none. The distorted lens of unrequited love can be delusional and dangerous.