Does Getting Older Mean Losing Your Sense of Humor?

Getting older doesn't mean losing your sense of humor. So long as you work on it.

Does Jeff Sessions Hate Laughter?

Could the government hate cannabis because it makes you laugh?

Political Humor Gone Wrong

When the president tells a joke, sometimes it's really not a joke at all. But does he know it?

Eight Steps to Becoming a Funnier Person

Humor is part science, part art. Follow these eight steps and you might become a funnier person. Or you might not.
Why Offensive Jokes Affect You More Than You Realize

Why Offensive Jokes Affect You More Than You Realize

Sometimes a joke is more than "just a joke." Sexist humor influences us in complex ways.

Does Humor Make You Smarter?

Yes, it does, and that isn't even the good news. You don't need to be funny to get the benefits. You just need to enjoy it and make it a bigger part of your life. But it doesn't hurt to always have a good joke ready, just in case.

Is "Fake News" Really Fake?

As the line between news and entertainment blurs, "fake news" serves an important purpose. It explores news issues more directly—using humor as a bias.

Why Humor Matters

Why don't we respect comedy? Even though comedies make as much money as dramas at the movies—or more—humor is still often seen as a "lesser" art form. Let's change that!