The Dangers of Alarm Fatigue

In a hospital setting, 85 percent of alarms are false. But ignoring an alarm can prove deadly.

Are Judges Swayed by Apologies?

Apologies can do wonders for mending relationships. However, judges who hear a lot of apologies have their own perspectives.

Do Tidy Households Have Fewer Bugs?

Cleaning sure has its benefits. But does cleaning impact the the diversity of bug biomes in homes?

Enhancing Athletic Performance With Brain Stimulation

New research shows that transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) improves endurance performance and decreases perceived exertion among cyclists.

Contagious Yawning is Hard-wired

New research suggests that the propensity for contagious yawning is rooted in the excitation and inhibition of the primary motor cortex.

Why Are Some Children Picky Eaters?

New research suggests that children who are inhibited are less likely to try new foods.

Can Coffee Help Your Live Longer?

Coffee can definitely be part of a healthy diet. Moreover, new research shows that coffee intake is tied to longevity among people of various races and ethnicities.

6 Ways Public Swimming Pools Have Changed

Gone are the unadorned rectangular pools of yesteryear. Now, public pools are full-fledged aquatic complexes that proffer an immersive experience.

8 Cool Facts About Brain Freeze

Brain freeze is one of the most common types of headaches. Get the scoop on what was once referred to as “ice cream-induced headache.”

Why Do Dopamine Levels Fluctuate During Migraines?

New research examines fluctuations in dopamine levels in those experiencing migraines. This research could help improve our understanding of dopamine-based treatment.

Can Young Children Tell Real Smiles From Fake Smiles?

Recent research suggests that young children can distinguish real from fake smiles. Real smiles indicate honesty and cooperation.

6 Possible Explanations for Gray Hair

Why do people go gray? Graying of hair is a complicated process. Here are six hypotheses that try to explain this age-related phenomenon.

7 Bargaining Tips for Reasonable People

Donald Trump's proposed tax cuts are one way that your bottom line can increase. But you are in control of another way: negotiating. Learn how to become a better bargainer.

4 Reasons Why People Regift

For many, regifting is common practice. But what motivates a person to pass along a gift?

8 Ways to Trigger Lucid Dreaming

Ever wonder how you could induce a lucid dream? Here are 8 techniques supported by research.

4 Possible Explanations for Déjà Vu

We still don't know that much about déjà vu. Here are 4 possible explanations for this phenomenon.

10 Things to Know About Déjà Vu

Acceptance of déjà vu has widened in recent decades, and research psychologists are just beginning to understand this phenomenon.

The Cross-Cultural Significance of Emoticons

The look of emoticons differs between Japanese and American culture. With Japanese emoticons, it is the eyes that are expressive, whereas in the U.S., it is the mouth.

The True Cost of a Tattoo

Even though more people are getting tattoos, employer bias against visible tattoos endures.

Diet Soft Drinks Linked to Depression

Consumption of sweetened drinks—especially those sweetened with sugar substitutes, like aspartame and sucralose—may be linked to depression.

A Look at Self-Organizing Traffic Lights

Getting stuck at a red light when there's no one else around is frustrating. Is there a better way that traffic lights could be designed? How about self-organizing traffic lights?

Personality Traits of Grammar and Spelling Sticklers

New research suggests that introverted people tend to judge others negatively based on grammar and spelling errors.

Guess What? Smoking Cigarettes Is Also Bad for Your Car

People who smoke in their cars end up polluting the interiors in ways that can't be cleaned or ventilated.

Why Do Pro Footballers Disdain Artificial Turf?

Research shows that playing style is different on artificial turf.

What's Your Favorite Color? (and Why Your Answer Matters)

Have you every wondered why you love a certain color? A closer look at ecological valence theory.

Which Toys Do Children Anthropomorphize?

Young children tend to anthropomorphize, or attribute human qualities, to toys to which they are both emotionally attached and toys that possess personifying characteristics.

Do Crocodiles Really Cry?

What's up with crocodile tears? Do crocodiles really cry? Scientists find out.

When Dissent at Work Is a Good Idea

When prudent and logical, dissent at work can lead to valuable reward.

What Does "Behavioral Undercontrol" Mean?

Examining the link between behavioral undercontrol and substance use disorder.

The Effects of Crying

Although crying results in sympathetic stimulation, it may help by eliciting empathy of others. Additionally, people recall feeling better after having cried.