Dr. Bob

Dr. Robert Goldman has taken goal setting and achievement to a new level.His lists of firsts will leave you in AWE...Check out "The most interesting man in the world."

Zen and the Art of Awe

Awe is not a luxury emotion. Awe makes us nicer and happier and is essential to our physical, psychological and spiritual health; enhancing mindfulness, creativity, and curiosity.

Making Healthy Choices

A third of Americans are obese and consumers spend more than $50 billion on weight loss. The reasons for the obesity epidemic may surprise you. Hint: Big Brother is trying to help.

A Story of Personal Loss

My response to personal loss? I always get what I need; occasionally get what I want. Can I rely on a law of attraction to return it to me or should I hope for an honest soul?

New Year's Resolutions Become Dissolutions

Making New Year's resolutions is simple, easy and pretty much a waste of time. With a 92% failure rate New Year resolutions become dissolutions unless you follow these 8 steps.

The Truth About the Law of Attraction

Millions of people are unsuccessful at achieving goals using the Law of Attraction (LOA). The reason? The LOA does not exist! Hear why from a certified LOA expert.
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Decision-Making Made Ridiculously Simple!

Decision making can be stressful, It's one of the most important things that we do and we do it about 35,000 times every day. These 8 factors are the key to making wise choices.

10 Things to Know About Parent-Child Relationships

The parent-child relationship is qualitatively different than all of our other relationships.Here are some tips from a leading parent-child relationship expert.

These Are the 8 Habits of Highly Lucky People

Lucky at love? Is it the luck of the Irish, the lucky duck, the rabbit's foot (wasn't too lucky for the rabbit), or divine inspiration. What do lucky people do differently?

Forgive Me, Forgive me not

“I’m so mad, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive them.” So what exactly is forgiveness… and what is it not?

This Is Your Brain on Stress

Hey man, don’t stress me out! We’ve all experienced stress from threats (physical, social, and financial), fears, and uncertainty, Stress isn't just in your mind—it's in your brain. Stress changes your brain structure—and not in a good way. Click here to find out how to change it back!

To View or Not to View? That Is the Question

75% of men and 41% of women have viewed and/or downloaded pornography in their lifetime. In the United States more than 60 million people are dealing with issues involving excessive porn use. But is all porn bad for you? Is there also a case for porn improving your psychological well being?

Do Christians Trust Muslims?

Does the apparent increase in religious tension between Muslims and Christians adversely affect trust between the two groups. A new study sheds light with both surprising and reassuring results.

The Surprising Psychology of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Don't be the one who has to wash the dishes, do push-ups, or pay for lunch. Winning at Rock - Paper - Scissors is about psychology, not chance.

7 Secrets to Hitting Your Reset Button

Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author with Dr. Oz on the best-selling YOU series, has just published a new book, “This is Your Do-Over.” The book provides 7 secrets to better physical health. Fortunately, these same secrets are the pathway to positive mental health, happiness, and well-being.

The Science of Memory

Memory isn't just about dwelling in the past. Prospective memory is intimately involved in planning and goal-setting for the future. Remembering to remember is tough. Lists, post it notes, strings around fingers, knotted handkerchiefs? How do you remember to remember?

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But...

Some refuse to use the term "Islamic Extremists" to describe the terrorist group, ISIS, calling them "Violent Extremists." By attributing cause and accountability, we are better able to define who they are, delineate their mission and goals, and derive solutions to stop them. Naming them DOES NOT blame, or indict non-violent Muslims - not guilt by religious association.
The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

Thank God for holidays. They provide entertainment, enjoyment, and enlightenment. Their importance is best described by comedian Henny Youngman, “I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up—they have no holidays.” We love the holidays and we blame the holidays. Here are the top ten reasons that we blame the holidays for our misfortunes.

What Will Your Verse Be?

I remember with fondness Robin Williams. He made me laugh and he made me cry. As the unorthodox professor in The Dead Poet's Society, Keating (played by Robin Williams) reminds the students of the elite Welton Academy that our time on this earth is precious and short, invoking the spirit of Walt Whitman's, "What will your verse be?"

Slender Man

Twelve-year-old girls charged with first-degree attempted homicide. Unbelievable! Are they responsible for their actions or do we need to look for other causes? Should we blame the victim? The weapon? The parents? Religion? Politics? The media? The girls attributed their behavior to the fictional character Slender Man. Perhaps we should also blame him...

You Are Awesome

Do you spend your time trying to improve on qualities and abilities that you don't value; working on your "weaknesses"? Make the most of your time and get the most Bang for your Buck. Discover your top character strengths and abilities; using them in unique ways will increase happiness. Old = "What's wrong with you?", New = "What's Right with You?"

The Law of Attraction Revisited

The law of attraction is a quasi-scientific theory based on metaphysical pseudoscience and pop psychology which states "Like Always Attracts Like." I propose a Principle of Attraction wherein "Like Tends to Attract Like," founded on positive psychology principles and evidence-based mind-brain sciences.

Resilience: The Art of Bouncing Back

Bouncing back isn't just advantageous for a slinky and basketball. Resilient people cope well, recover quickly, and may actually benefit from stressful challenges. While there is a genetic component, resilience can be learned and nurtured...we can all learn the art of bouncing back.

Get Your Tickets Here for Blame Fest, 2013

John F. Kennedy eloquently stated, “Let us not seek the Republican answer, or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.“ Alas, I wish it were so. Instead, Washington DC is the host of Blame Fest, 2013. Closed for Business - Open for Blaming!

8 Key Principles to Succeed

An Action Board is an evidence-based goal-setting tool based on 8 Key Principles to Succeed. Here is the real Secret - there is no secret; these principles are well-known and used by all who achieve success.
Throw Away Your Vision Board - Part 2

Throw Away Your Vision Board - Part 2

3 year ago I wrote an article called, Throw Away Your Vision Board. Over 230,000 hits later I'm still getting emails about the law of attraction.

5 Ways Blaming Hurts Relationships…

When it comes to detrimental things that you can do to screw up your relationships, blaming the other person for something – justified (in your mind) or not, is at or near the top of the list.

Can I Make Myself Happier?

The benefits of positivity are well-known. We're told "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Can anyone do that? What if I'm wired to be pessimistic? Is Happy a choice?

Who's to Blame In Connecticut

With the attack in Connecticut we grieve for the victims and their families, while we also search in earnest for an answer to the question of who’s to blame for these tragic events.

What do you know?

What Do You Know? Not much, You? What do we really know? It’s impossible to know the future and often difficult to know the present. At least we can be sure of being able to know the past; after all, they say that hindsight is 20:20. However, even history books can be wrong...