Overcoming Sex Addiction: A Self-help Guide

Compulsive sexual behavior typically conceals negative feelings about oneself—feelings that are readily treatable.

Not Always Happy

Perfection is alien to child-rearing. And so choosing to adopt a child with Down syndrome seemed natural. After all, we all have something that makes us vulnerable in the world.

Too Young to Be Old: Love, Learn, Work, and Play as You Age

Everyone has a “psychological portfolio,” and it’s especially important to update it as you age.

The Psychology of Job Interviews

The vaunted—and often stressful—job interview can be a far more useful tool for finding the right employment fit.

Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy: The Illustrated Manual

For many people problems in sexual response arise from the inability to put aside their conscious, goal-oriented mind.

Sex Addiction 101

Despite the debate whether sex addiction is a “real” disorder, many people struggle with problematic sexual behavior. There are ways to break free of compulsive sexual behavior.

Terror, Love, and Brainwashing

Cults and brainwashing are more common than you might think. The best defense is educating children about the dangers of manipulative people and the techniques they use.

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life

A prepared response or two and some handy acronyms are just a few of the devices to help those with ADD become masters of their own lives.

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive in Their Digital World

Worried about your children’s screen time? The best approach is to model the digital behavior you want to see in your kids.

Bedlam’s Door

The mentally ill are often shunted off to America’s jails for their odd behavior, but their singular crime is to reflect the rich tapestry of the human condition.

Digging Deep

Digging in the garden may be the perfect antidote to our tech-heavy times. It connects us not only to the natural world but also to our inner selves.

Suggestible You

The power of suggestion lies behind the enigmatic placebo response, but it also plays a big role in your everyday life.

Breaking the Trance

There are practical strategies parents can take to control children’s overuse of screen media.

Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human

We need a new definition of “mind,” one that captures the importance of subjective and relational experience.

The Mindspan Diet

America’s dietary recommendations may not be in the best interests of cognitive longevity.

Connecting in the Land of Dementia

It’s possible to connect with those who have dementia. The trick is to select activities that call on powers of creativity and communication that bypass rational thinking.

Becoming Brilliant

In the push to make kids smart, you can spend $300 to count every word your kid hears. Or try to teach the fetus in the womb. But the best way is to change how you look at things.

Help Me: A Psychotherapist’s Tried-and-True Techniques

Those who strive for perfection rather than excellence often end up with self-condemnation. Yet they often justify their self-defeating beliefs with “personal propaganda."

The Anatomy of Addiction

The time for medication-assisted treatment of addiction has come.

Exhaustion: A History

We may have new ways of expressing exhaustion, but we humans have been complaining about it for a very long times.

Parents and Digital Technology

Stop lecturing your kids on the dangers of screen time. Lead by example: Fix your own habits first.

The Family Caregiver’s Manual

Sooner or later, almost everyone will be a caregiver to a loved one. It can be both a physically and emotionally draining experience. Here is what you need to know right now.

The Golden Condom

There’s no such thing as the perfect soulmate. And if you’re obsessed with getting someone to reciprocate your devotion, it’s time to understand why you are pursuing the impossible

Pre-Marital Counseling

There comes a point in marriage where everyone thinks someone has it better. But those who share their problems often find that many others are going through their own tough times.

Sex, Love, and Dharma

Finding the “right” partner requires attracting the right kinds of people into your life. The ancients, no less than the moderns, developed systems for achieving that.

Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder: Inside Great Personalities

Those we admire are often as imperfect as we are.

Wired to Create

The creative mind is full of contradictions,and the tension between opposing traits and mental processes may give rise to the desire to harmonize the tension through creative work.

The ADHD Guide to Career Success

Adults with ADHD who know their brains, harness their strengths, and select the right work environments can achieve great career success.

Living Mindfully

You know that mindfulness has many benefits. But you’ve put off learning how to practice it until you “have time.” Well, now is the time, and you can start by weaving it seamlessly into your everyday life—which is where it belongs.

Irrelationship: How We Hide from Intimacy

Wanting intimacy is one thing. Achieving it is another, more difficult, thing. Often, partners use their relationship to guard against the very thing they want most.