Integrating Your Intellect and Intuition to Achieve Wisdom

Would you like to feel wiser and more confident in your decision making?

My Defining Moment

Do you long for change?

Detoxing Your Mind

As important as food fasts, juice cleanses, workouts and yoga may be, there's a detox that's far more vital to your wellbeing. Detoxing your mind is the path to liberation.

The Wrong Reason for Staying Married

Are you stuck in a loveless marriage because of a fear of divorce?

Quantum Relationship: Keeping Your Love Connected

Falling out of love is common, but not inevitable. There's a quantum principle that can help you sustain your love.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Do you struggle about whether to remain in your relationship?

Beyond Sobriety: Reclaiming Your Potential

Can people move past the imprint of having been an addict? Does having to continue to see yourself through the snapshot of old behavior impede your personal growth?

5 Principles to Unleash Your Power of Communication

Would you rather be right or would you rather be loved and (happy)?

How Are You?

Why do we hide our true selves from one another?

Living a Fear-Less Life

Does excessive fear overwhelm and consume you? You can dismantle fear by changing your relationship with it.

The 5% Rule—Breaking Through the Argument

How would you like to get beyond mind-numbing arguments that go nowhere?

Why Acting Strong Is Really Weak

Do you worry too much about what other's think of you?

For the Sake of the Children

Many people in unhappy or conflicted marriages stay together for the purported sake of the children. This article examines this premise and explores what's really best for our children.

Why I Can't..... or Why Can't I?

Our beliefs and thoughts impact our lives more than any relationship.It would be wise to evaluate how we came to them and whether they truly serve us.

Raising Resilient Children

Despite our best efforts, many of our children suffer and struggle in having a happy and successful life. This is due in part to our following misguided beliefs about parenting. This article penetrates one such belief as it provides a pathway for developing resilience in our children through a deeper and more open communication.

Be the Change You Ask for in Others

You can't change others, but change yourself and their relationship with you. Our relationships are far more connected than you might imagine and when you change an aspect of yourself or communicate differently, it necessitates a shift in the other. The outcome is unpredictable, but the potential for change is summoned.

Relationships: Moving from Struggle to Success

The primary reason we struggle in our relationships is that we are literally unschooled in this most important area. Once we learn how to engage our relations by focusing on genuine commitment to process rather than the lip service of outcomes, we'll derive the ensuing benefits.

Don't Call Me a Shrink

The myth of objectivity keeps therapists mired in old science and blocks them from guiding and healing people in their goals.
Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward

The tendency to put your best foot forward has paradoxical results, as you end up betraying not only yourself but your relationship as well. Investing in your own authenticity opens the path to an honest and authentic relationship and is the foundation of emotional intimacy.
Being Heard: Breaking Through the Impasse

Being Heard: Breaking Through the Impasse

When we are confronted with challenging discussions, one of two things typically happens: We default to silence rather than experience the frustration of another failed attempt to be heard or we engage the risk and find the other person isn’t truly listening as they defend their turf. This article highlights the pathway toward being heard rather than shutting down.
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Why Silence Is a Relationship Killer

Silence can be utterly destructive to our relationships and to our own integrity.
Rethinking Anxiety

Rethinking Anxiety

This article explores the epidemic of anxiety gripping America and indicates that the way we are living/our operating worldview are producing this disorder. Mel further explains how our addiction to predictability and analysis leads to anxiety disorder, correlating this paradigm to the onslaught of fearful and self-measuring thoughts that are endemic to anxiety.

Freeing Yourself From the Grip of Low Self-Esteem

In order to vault past the tenacious grip of low self-esteem, look at your limiting core beliefs and thoughts. The first step is to appreciate how these beliefs first arose, and then see how they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Ask yourself how you know them to be true? You can transcend these constraints when you break free from the groove of recurring thoughts.
Self Esteem or Other Esteem?

Self Esteem or Other Esteem?

The term self-esteem is poorly understood and generally misused. Most people seek a greater sense of self-worth by attaining things outside of themselves. This paradoxically leads to a betrayal of our authentic self. This article delineates the difference between self-esteem and other-esteem and suggests that only by embracing our vulnerability can we truly be strong.

Low Self-Esteem: A Missed Diagnosis

Although low self-esteem is not a diagnosable disorder, it is the source of many of our emotional and psychological maladies. Anxiety, depression, and failed relationships are often informed by low self-worth. This article depicts this correlation and sets the stage for addressing self-esteem issues.

Diagnosis Disorder

"Diagnosis Disorder" reveals an essential error of diagnostic evaluation, which confuses a diagnosis with being an actual thing in and of itself. This article maintains that the startling increase in ADHD diagnoses are due to clinicians' misconceptions and further explains the sociocultural phenomenon of ADHD, reframing our consideration of the challenge along the way.
Making New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

Making New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

This article looks at why our New Year’s resolutions most often fail and disappoint us. The author, psychotherapist Mel Schwartz, explains what’s required to break through old habits and experience what he calls defining moments - times in which we can transform our lives.

Getting Past the Gridlock

Political gridlock is much decried, yet workable solutions outside of sheer capitulation have not surfaced. In light of the looming “fiscal cliff,” this timely article illuminates the underlying nature of partisanship and proposes methods to break through the gridlock.
The Right to Life: A Specious Argument

The Right to Life: A Specious Argument

The right-to-life argument masks a deeper and more provocative issue: sexism. Upon investigation, the moral protestations around the sanctity of life unravel when we look beyond the fetus and consider how disposable the lives of our children are. Moreover, the degradation of women, veiled by ethical and religious argument, exposes a horrendous sexism perpetrated upon women
Would You Like to Be the Partner I Want You to Be?

Would You Like to Be the Partner I Want You to Be?

Many people struggle with the changes that their partners might ask of them. This article explores the nature of this conflict and what a healthy resolution would look like. It further describes the potential for growth that change may provoke in a relationship.