The Do’s and Don’ts of Great Relationships

Intimate partners who value and respect each other willingly and continuously embrace these “Do’s” and avoid these “Don’ts.”

Two Against One - Triangles that can Sabotage Relationships

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Love Is Easy

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Is Fighting Destroying Your Love? - A Questionnaire

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The Missing Piece in Intimate Communication

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6 Ways Couples Can Tell It's the Real Thing

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How Infidelity Causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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How Is Your Relationship Really Doing?

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How Fear of Loss Can Sabotage Love

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10 Reasons Why Some People Just Can't Let Go

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Can Sweet Memories Neutralize Conflict?

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Needing to Win — Ten Mean Fighting Strategies

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When Promises Become Lies

When people become more honest with themselves, they automatically become more so with their significant others.

4 Intimate Questions Every Couple Must Ask Each Other

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En Guarde—How Defensiveness Can Destroy Love

Defensiveness in any form has only one purpose: to invalidate, suppress, or diminish the other partner’s current thoughts, feelings, or actions.

10 Signs That a Relationship Is Truly Loving

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6 Reasons People Regret Ending Relationships Too Soon

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Relationship Alert: When Givers Become Takers

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Is Your Relationship Just a Pit Stop?

The process can develop so slowly that many couples don’t realize that it is even happening.

Has Love Disappointed You?

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The Ten Qualities of Great Communicators

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How to Hurt Me - How to Love Me

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The Five-Minute Couple’s Emotional Conflict-Neutralizer

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6 Keys to Staying in Love

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Do You Hit Below the Belt When You Fight?

For love to grow more deeply in a relationship, couples must commit to erasing trust-breaking insults from their interactions.

Do You Keep Choosing the Wrong Partners?

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15 Questions to Help You Decide You're Ready to Date Again

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Intriguing Dating Profiles

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The 10 Rules of Love

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