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How Can a Modern Woman Integrate Religion Into Her Life?

How one Israeli, Orthodox woman lives a modern life.
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What Do We Really Know for Sure?

I'm supposed to promise you I have advice for how to make your life better if you read my post. Instead, I try to make a point that no one knows anything, and I don't either.

Is Your Greatest Strength Limiting Your Life?

Our personalities are like our bodies: They should be developed as part of an organic whole.
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Do Therapists Project Onto Clients?

The therapist can often seem to the client all knowing and all accepting. What happens when the therapist is actually bored, repulsed, or in love with the client?

The Therapist As Saint or Sinner

Therapists must learn how to handle the projections of their clients -- negative and positive -- with sensitivity and curiosity if they are to learn what is behind them.
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Why What I Admire In You Also Says Something About Me

The people we admire in our lives have much to teach us -- not just as role models to emulate but as outer reflections of good qualities that are already innate in us.
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Why What I Hate in You Also Says Something about Me

It can be very easy to decide who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in the world around us. But the concept of negative projection teaches us the answer is not so simple.
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Projection: How We See Ourselves in the Outer World

We like to think we are in touch with objective reality. We could all benefit from looking at our how we project aspects of our inner selves onto the outer world.

If I Were a Rich Man

Some of the things money can—and cannot—do for us.

The Beauty of a Difficult Marriage

It can be easy to judge a long term, but difficult marriage as flawed. What if we learned to appreciate this marriage as much as the marriage of the beautiful, young couple?
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3 Easy Ways to Keep Being a Happy Couple

Why is my partner getting upset with me? How to clean the shmutz out of your marital communication.
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Do You Feel Victimized?

What to do when you're feeling a victim.

Why Do We Never Seem to Get Over Our Issues?

Do you ever get tired of still struggling with the same issues? That might not be such a bad thing.
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Beauty and the Beast as a Lesson in Self Acceptance

Can't accept some part of yourself? "Beauty and the Beast" has a lesson for us all.

Why Is It Better to Give Than to Receive?

How does giving of ourselves lead to us feeling more full?

Are You Avoiding Your Fate?

Are you avoiding doing what you're supposed to do with your life? The Old Testament story of Jonah has a message for you.

Why Won't Men Apologize?

Why men don't apologize and some simple steps for them to learn how to do so.
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Are You a Schlepper or a Schlepee?

Two psychologists on opposite sides of the planet discuss the nature of relationships.

She Said, He Said, She Said

In which a male and female psychologist on opposite sides of the planet attempt to draw closer in understanding what makes it so hard for marriages to stay alive.

10 Ways Men Can Crack the Code of Their Feelings

It's time for men to take responsibility for articulating their inner worlds. Women shouldn't be expected to do that for them.

Seven Lessons I Have Learned in Therapy with Men

What is involved in a man exploring his inner world? Hint: it looks different than a woman exploring hers.
"Sunshine" by Daphne Correa dos Reis

Falling Out of Love

Why, oh why, must we fall out of love?

The Spirituality of Falling in Love

There is nothing quite like new love. Maybe there's a higher reason for that feeling?

Is Our Childhood Really to Blame for Everything?

In which the author explains why looking at your childhood issues is the responsible thing to do for yourself and those who love you.
By Barry Badcock

Why We Choose Partners Who Push Our Buttons

You may think your partner is trying to drive you crazy, but unbeknownst to you they are trying to help you grow into wholenss.
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Is Your Partner Driving You Crazy?

The object of marriage isn't happiness. It's wholeness. And your spouse is the perfect trainer for you on your way to wholeness.

Are You Passionate or Intolerant in Your Beliefs?

None of us like to be preached at. How can we tell if we're open to others or simply speaking to ourselves?

Are You Spiritual or Religious? Does it Matter?

Are you spiritual or religious? Does it matter? Why?<div class="insertArea">

When Religious Beliefs Are Psychological Symptoms

In which a religious psychologist explains when he things religious beliefs are actually psychological problems.

The Secular/Religious Divide

In which religious psychologist Josh Gressel tries to see the religious/secular divide from both sides of the fence.