Risky Business: What Can We Do to Keep Teenagers Safe?

Part 2 of an interview with author and child psychiatrist Dr. Jess Shatkin

Born to Be Wild: Why Do Teenagers Take Risks?

What can parents do to keep their teenagers safe?

"I'm Sorry If I Caused Offense": How Not to Apologize

Yuli Gurriel's apology for a racial slur was a pseudo-apology. Here's how to make it right.

Halloween Candy, Poison, and Razor Blades: Why Worry?

5 reasons that we're spooked by extremely unlikely risks.

New Research Finds No Evidence of a "Narcissism Epidemic"

Maybe Millennials aren't so self-absorbed after all.

Are "Hearing Voices Groups" a Help or Harm?

What works for one end of the psychosis spectrum might not work for the other (and vice versa).

Breatharians...or Believe Anythings?

Four reasons why normal people can come to hold ridiculous beliefs.

Psychology, Gullibility, and the Business of Fake News

President Trump keeps using the phrase "fake news." Does it really mean what he thinks it means?

Cannabis for Kids: Can Marijuana Treat Childhood Seizures?

Smoking marijuana may not be helpful for seizures, but new research suggests that cannabidiol may be.
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The Healing Power of Placebos: Fact or Fiction?

Does new research really prove that placebos don't require deception?

Fell on Black Days: Mourning the Suicide of Chris Cornell

Reflections on suicide, celebrity, and selfishness

Is Alex Jones a Conspiracy Theorist or a Performance Artist?

If Jones isn't delusional, what about his followers?

New Drug Valbenazine Approved by FDA for Tardive Dyskinesia

What is tardive dyskinesia and who should take this new medication?

Zombie Outbreak!? "Spice" and the Synthetic Cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids in "Spice" products have been responsible for "zombie outbreaks" across the country. Should parents be concerned?

Flat Earthers: Belief, Skepticism, and Denialism

Kyrie Irving thinks the world is flat. Or does he?

Skunk, Wax, and Edibles: What Marijuana Is Your Child Using?

With increasing potency, modern forms of cannabis are "not your father's marijuana." What does that mean for kids?

The Death of Facts: The Emperor's New Epistemology

Psychologically speaking, fact denialism represents narcissistic contrarianism, cognitive bias, and deception.

Fake News, Echo Chambers & Filter Bubbles: A Survival Guide

Our beliefs and actions are increasingly influenced by our immersion into the internet. Is it time to unplug?

Understanding "Post-Trump Stress Disorder"

A psychological autopsy on how Trump won the election and why liberal voters didn't see it coming.

In Pakistan, Schizophrenia Denialism Is a Death Sentence

Pakistan has ruled that schizophrenia isn't a mental illness, paving the way for the execution of a mentally ill prisoner. Could something similar happen in the U.S.?

Mental Illness Is Not a Halloween Costume

Mental illness can be scary for those that suffer from it, but we shouldn’t think of those that suffer from it as scary to us.

Goldwater 2016: Are Psychiatrists' Opinions of Trump Rigged?

5 reasons why psychiatrists and psychologists should heed the “Goldwater Rule”

Scoring the Presidential Debates: How Do We Decide Who Wins?

What’s the point of debating, do the presidential debates influence voting, and how do we decide who wins?

Never Forget: The Lasting Psychological Impact of 9/11

We’re all survivors, but we’re all scarred.

No Comment: 3 Rules for Dealing With Internet Trolls

Internet trolling thwarts the democratic ideal of online deliberation. What can we do about it?

The Narcissism Epidemic and What We Can Do About It

Is narcissism on the rise? If so, can anything be done to curb it?

Killing Harambe: Who Was Protecting Whom?

Moral outrage is swift, retributive, and often based on limited information and context.

When It Comes to Love, What Makes Narcissism So Attractive?

In seeking potential mates with just the right amount of healthy narcissism, we risk finding too much.

Just What is a "Narcissist" Anyway?

Think you know what a narcissist is? Time for a reality check.

Schizophrenia Doesn't Exist!?

Schizophrenia's dual existence as categorical and spectrum diagnosis