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The Power to Choose

One of the stark realities of parenthood is that we are often powerless to prevent bad things from happening to our children. We want to shield our kids from so many things and are often unable to do so. Usually the stakes are not life and death. It was at Sandy Hook and it is in eating disorders treatment. Parents do have power in treatment decisions. Use it wisely.

Parents As Heroes

Confronting fears with your child is the most powerful intervention.

Food Fights and Sibling Rivalry

It is our biology to crave delicious food and to outwit others to get it…except when it is not. Family mealtimes can fuel a new brand of sibling warfare when one child at the table refuses to eat.

Taking Notes

Holiday meals are a time for us to come together with loved ones in shared celebration. When an eating disorder takes a seat at the table, food can literally go flying, sending everyone into a tailspin.

We Can Do More and Better

Effective eating disorders treatment should not have to be a luxury. Our kids’ lives depend on us all doing more and better.

Giving Thanks (and Relief)

I tend to see families in their darkest hours. As a way of helping you through the holiday eating season, I will answer your most urgent questions on family-based treatment for eating disorders.

A Good Start

We all grew up hearing “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” When you have a child with an eating disorder, every nutritious meal is vital.