Border Crossings

What’s so “family friendly” about death? Why ”Coco” captured my heart in a way that I can only describe as magical.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Many good men I know find it hard to believe that sexual harassment is as prevalent as it appears to be. Why are they so incredulous?

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner challenges our notions of what distinguishes human from technological forms of intelligence — an increasing concern, if not obsession, of our age.

Against “Evil”

Can we abandon the rhetoric of “evil” to express our deep concern over the increasing incidence of mass shootings and focus on how to prevent them?

Who’s Afraid of Nuclear War?

I haven’t been so afraid since I was a kid growing up in St. Louis in the middle of the Cold War arms race with the Soviet Union.

Pre-existing Conditions R Us

We all need the protection of health insurance that does not penalize us for living too long.

What Is Wrong With Donald Trump?

There’s an industry devoted to the psyche of President Trump.

Wonder Woman: How I Wish

Who hasn’t seen “Wonder Woman” yet? If you haven’t, I urge you to go. I was entranced by the movie and how it speaks to us all.

Ceremonies: Do They Matter?

Our lives embrace everyone we have ever known, and we are part of all that we have experienced. We should celebrate every occasion we have to acknowledge this awareness.

"Get Out": From a White Woman’s Perspective

“Get Out” not only analyzes our nation’s history of dividing racial reality into either/or categories but also reveals the price we pay socially and culturally for doing so.

Aliens out There and at Home

Who among us does not believe there is life out there in the universe? Science fiction thrives on the assumption of intelligent life on other planets.

Broken Heart Syndrome: Debbie Reynolds and Me

Valentine’s Day is near and so it seems fitting not only to pay tribute to love and romance but also to acknowledge the reality of heartbreak.

Solstice: Climate Controversy or Global Celebration?

Take a moment to meditate on the year now passing and the one that is to come.

Election Prelude

If our country has become as deeply polarized as it seems, how can we hope to come together after the election—no matter who wins?

Just Locker Room Talk?

It's not acceptable for any man to boast of grabbing a woman’s genitals and then claim that it is just “locker room talk.”

On Becoming an Orphan

My older brother and one remaining sibling died suddenly last spring. He was just shy of his seventy-seventh birthday, so you might think I was prepared. I wasn’t.

Trump Speak

Professors of English are masters of speaking, writing, and critical thinking. My fear: Trump's misspoken word or phrase might plunge us into nuclear war.

Sex and the Smart Phone

Sex, in the context of mutual attraction and empathy can feel not only loving, but also transcendent—a far cry from hooking up. Part II of my "Random Love" post series.

Random Love: To Hook Up or to Not Hook Up?

Who could have predicted that girls today would know less than women of my generation about their bodies and how to gratify their own desires?

“The Revenant” as Ghost Story

When I see a movie that really affects me, I want to know why.

A Spotless Mind: Would It Be Worth It?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to delete a painful memory?

Gratitude: Oliver Sacks and Me

On its surface, my life seems utterly different from Sacks’ life. Through my immersion in his work, I have come to view my own life differently.