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The Key to Forgiveness?

How easy is it to forgive a partner? The answer depends on how much you still believe that your partner cares and wants to do right by you.
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What Counts As Intimacy? Not Everyone Agrees

How do you define intimacy in your relationship? Knowing your attachment style can help.
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How to Rebuild Trust When a Betrayal Comes to Light

Has your partner betrayed your trust? Take the necessary steps to repair the damage done.
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Speaking Your Partner's Love Language May Not Matter

Does it help to speak your partner's love language? New research shows it may not matter.
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Americans Are Having Less Sex

Are you having less sex these days? You're not alone.
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Self-Deception Helps Us Accomplish Goals

More often than not, we lead with our goals and desires, not the facts. New research on how our ability to delude ourselves can be quite useful.