Teaching Children Self-Control

Your child's major motivation will be to win your love and approval.

What to Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Encourage your school to develop anti-bullying programs.

Understanding Children's Emotional Needs

Avoid criticism, for instance, telling your child,“You’re kicking the ball all wrong.”

The Value of Pre-school

the preschool experience should help her to feels good about herself and enjoy going to school.

Managing Parental Anger

Take a deep breath or count to 10 and find positive words to send your message.

Helping Kids Who Bite

Watch for signs that generally appear before she bites, and move in quickly.

Acknowledging Children's Emotions

Acknowledging anger does not encourage it.

Preventing Teens From Abusing Alcohol

A child who feels a loving bond with a parent, will feel valuable and have more of an ability to withstand peer pressure.

The Shy Child

Do not force your child to speak.

Managing Playdates

You can ease their separation by giving them some advance notice.

Responding with Enthusiasm

It is very easy to squelch a child's enthusiasm with a disapproving, frightened, or critical facial expressions

Strangers and Danger

Your child's curiosity can bring him to walk away with a stranger.

When Your Child Plays Doctor

If you show an acceptance of your child's curiosity, your child's self-esteem will remain in tact.

Starting School Jitters

Starting school is in many ways like starting a new job.

"Hurry up! You'll Be Late for School."

Prepare yourself for the inevitable, stay calm and find creative ways to manage the situation.

Where Do I Come From?

Follow her questions as a guide and you will not overload her with information.

The Effect of Birth Order on Children

Parents can make a huge difference in helping their child in each position to feel equally loved.

Helping Your Child Cope With a Death

Sharing information in a supportive way, will lower his anxiety.

6 Steps for Getting Your Child to Sleep Alone

This is a hard habit to break, but hopefully patience, firmness and support should do the trick.

Teaching Children Tolerance

As you teach your child tolerance, you will help create a better world for generations to come.

The Elections and Children

it is the responsibility of the candidates to be positive role models.

Mommy, I Want to Marry You

Parents should try not to take this personally.

Name Calling

Pointing out concrete examples from his own experience, will help him to build empathy.

Why Hitting is Harmful to Children

Keep in mind that children learn skills through a process over time.

I Don't Want to Go to School

Do not be surprised if your child's behavior reappears after a weekend or a holiday when he has spent some special time at home with you.

Helping Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Always be supportive and foster a joy of learning, and confidence in his abilities

Starting Elementary School

You do not have to be perfect

I Want My iPad

As your child grows, she will realize that her desire is just a wish and will be able to let go.

Managing Tantrums

You want to give your child the feeling that you care about what he wants.

Superhero Play

If you manage the play carefully, stress safety issues, and interject positive ideas, this play will be fun for the kids.