How to Have Healthier, Happier Relationships in the Future

Making a commitment to what you want in a relationship is the first step to getting it.

Recovering From Codependency

Codependents are overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. There IS life after codependency. You can do this!

Divorcing and Coparenting With the Sociopath

There are ways to keep you and your children safe when divorcing a sociopath. Here are 5 things you must do in the face of a personality disordered ex.

Leaving the Abusive Relationship

Happiness is an inside job which starts with a positive self-image.

Valentine's Day After a Breakup

Valentines Day is mistakenly thought of as the epitome of love and it's anything but.

Breakups and Our Unresolved Losses

It's important to understand that the pain of grief is not just about your recent loss, but every one before.

The Emotions of Grief After a Breakup

Many will tell you not to waste your tears on a former love, but grief is the healing feeling. It must have its due for you to be happy once again.

Leaving the Abusive Relationship

It is possible to leave an abusive relationship and create a new life.

Catfished Part Two: How to Not Be on the End of the Line

7 ways to keep yourself from being fooled online and draft your standards and compatibility inventory

Catfished Part One: When You Might Be on the End of the Line

How to keep from being fooled that you're not being fooled by an online relationship.

Leveling Up: Moving Beyond Rejection

Moving beyond rejection starts by rejecting the rejecter and making a commitment to yourself to change who and what you want in your life.

Psychological Projection: Rubber/Glue Syndrome

Psychological projection is another manipulative crazy-making technique in the arsenal of the personality disordered.

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Unfortunately too many social services and legal professionals are unaware or unwilling to be aware of the harm of parental alienation syndrome and it hurts children.

10 Ways to Tell if You're Being Gaslighted

Gaslighting is psychological abuse. 10 ways to tell if you're being gaslighted.

Dating Fatigue and Dating Burnout Can Be Real

Sometimes dating fatigue or dating burnout means we have to go back to basics and figure out what it is we really want.

The Power of Grief

Grief is a powerful healer. Instead of running from it, we need to embrace it so it can do it job.

After a Breakup: Work in the Good While Working Out the Bad

A breakup is the best time to plot out the life you've always wanted and make your dreams come true. While working out the bad, work in the good and make your life happen now.

What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is one of the most misunderstood phrases there is. Here is what it really means and how to recognize it when you have it and how to leave when you don't.

Was Your Relationship Good For You?

After a breakup, figure out how unhealthy your relationship was and commit that you will never allow that level of dysfunction again.

There's Hope After Heartbreak: 5 Things To Help You Heal

Five steps to heal and move on after heartbreak.

The Pathological Narcissist

Have you been involved with a pathological narcissist? There is no hope for a relationship with someone incapable of love, empathy or enjoyment. Time to abandon ship!

What You Need to Know to Prepare for a Healthy Relationship

To find the right person, you need to be the right person. That starts with developing a positive singletude and your own life.

Three steps to changing your life when a relationship ends

When you end a relationship, it's easy to be overwhelmed and wonder how you begin anew. Follow these three steps to changing your life and reaching your goals!

"You Complete Me" or "Why I Need to Get a Life"

Waiting for someone to complete you is the sure way to fail at a relationship. Complete yourself and then find another completed soul.

Nonreciprocal Giving Isn't Generosity

When we give and give to others without reciprocation, it amounts to emotional manipulation NOT generosity.

5 Things to Do to Heal Your Grief When a Relationship Ends

How to cope with the grief at the end of a relationship

Where Do You Go After Trust Has Been Broken?

You don't have to resort to spying or testing your partner. Decide how you want to live and live that way.

The Personality Disordered Co-Parent and "The System" Part 3

How the "system" can help those who must co-parent with a personalty disordered person.

The Personality Disordered Co-Parent and "The System" Part 2

Trying to coparent with a personality disordered person is a challenge and the system needs to help, not hurt.

Breaking Up and Making "The Turn"

Moving on is often about making a decision to do so. And no one can make that decision except us.