Shouldn't Lawyers Understand the Art of Persuasion?

Lawyers could more effectively represent their clients if they understood the art of persuasion.

Is Willful Ignorance a Good Quality in an Attorney?

Why do family law attorneys ignore the research which supports the benefits of a facilitative over an adversarial approach for divorce and family law?

Injustice at the Hands of Judges and Justices

Judicial bias is a variable that is often overlooked, despite the fact that it leads to injustice.

The Passion of Anger Can Be Used in a Constructive Manner

Falling into the common trap of defining emotional intelligence much too narrowly can lead to low levels of Collaboration Essentials.

Empathy and the Jury Selection Process

If "equal justice under law" means what it says, then judges and jurors hearing cases must have evenly distributed empathy.

What's "Best" Varies, Depending upon the Needs Involved

What's "better" or "best" in any situation is a matter of perspective, and the perspective that matters most is that held by the individuals in need of a given product or service.

Rachel Maddow Needs to Better Understand Her Audience

If reporters and journalists are to relate effectively to their target audience, they must be empathic, always attempting to perceive the world through the eyes of their viewers.

Can a Country Lacking Empathy Toward Others Be Great?

Caring for others and a commitment to fairness are essential to a healthy, civil, and just society.

Go Back to Your Country

Are your biases literally causing other people to suffer from mental health issues?

Has Disney Lost Its Direction by "Normalizing" Gay People?

There is more than enough conflict in the world. Maybe it's time that people start boycotting fear and hate mongers, rather than peacemakers.

Unrealistic Expectations Impede Happiness and Empathy

Having unrealistic expectations is a major source of unhappiness and it's very challenging to be grateful for disappointments.

Empathy Is the Key to Conflict Resolution or Management

Everyone interprets things through their own lenses, which filter information based upon our personal biases, beliefs, assumptions and values.

Personality Traits, Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration

There is a strong connection between certain personality traits, emotional intelligence and collaborative potential.

Judges Should Strive to Provide Equal Justice Under Law

Since judicial bias significantly interferes with judges' abilities to perform the duties expected of them, they should do anything and everything possible to reduce their biases.

Should Supreme Court Justices Believe in Democracy?

Is it wise to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice, considering his known biases and disregard for democracy?

When Binary Thinking Is Involved, Polarization Follows

Don't allow a need for certainty where none exists hijack your rationality.

Evangelical Christians Evangelizing Hate Must Be Stopped

While the American evangelical Christian community's evangelizing of hatred has been more fringe in the United States up until now, it's been extremely successful elsewhere.

Police Officer Diversity Status Impacts Their Perceptions

Police officers who fall outside of the dominant culture tend to have a more accurate perspective than those who fall within it.

The Connection Between Empathy Toward Others and Ethics

Never underestimate the interconnection between ethics and empathy toward "others."

Protests and Force Don't Change People's Hearts and Minds

Empathy conversations in which the participants are their authentic selves and feel safe to share their vulnerabilities are extremely powerful in changing hearts and minds.

As Debbie Reynolds Tragically Reminded Us, Stress Kills

Death and divorce have more in common than one might think.

Who Are the Editors in Our Lives?

Good editors challenge our biases, beliefs, assumptions and values.

If You View Empathy as a Sign of Weakness, Think Again

Unless justice and fairness are signs of weakness, people's perceptions of empathy as such could not be more wrong.

Things Are Seldom What They Seem

The cause of "moral decay" in our society might actually be those judging others as immoral.

Empathy Can Lead to Profound Insights

As empathy wanes, so does critical thinking, and both concepts are essential to a democracy.

Beware of Criticizing Concepts You Don't Fully Understand

It's extremely harmful when respected news sources convey false and misleading information to the public.

Not All Empathy Is the Same

Believing that the power of empathy can be harnessed by perspective-taking alone is itself a false belief.

Along With Rights Come Responsibilities

A great many conflicts and issues stem from the irresponsible exercise of our rights.

Don't Fall for Political Propaganda

Don't allow our elected officials and their appointees make a mockery of our Constitution as a result of their personal biases.

Bridging Our National Divide Demands Empathy and Compassion

Bridging divides requires humanizing "the other" by discovering our shared humanity in spite of our different lived experiences.