Emotion Rules When There is Depression

Negative thinking styles have more power than positive ways of thinking when you're depressed. Try MAP or move, ask, play.

Depression and Loss of Energy: a Waiting Game

Reverse the downward spiral of depression.

Stressed or Distressed: Either Way It Matters to Depression

Stressed? Avoid developing depression with these self-care tips.

The Stress (and Depression) of Over-Commitment

Is being 'over-committed' really just a way to avoid depression?

Stress and Depression

Are you responding to threat too often or too sensitively? This can lead to depression. You can help yourself out of it.

Wishing and Hoping

How Hope Can Sustain You in the New Year

Holiday Depression and Loss

Family expectations, death, and divorce. Is it necessary for the holidays to be depressing?

Family and Depression During the Holiday

Preparing for holiday stress can make it less so

Fear Keeps Depression in Place: Part 2

Fear of success is sometimes a bigger obstacle than fear of failure.

Fear Keeps Depression in Place: Part 1

Facing fear is one of the great challenges in life, and not facing fear is a great cause of depression.

Forming Categories of Experience

Using the depressed tendency of rumination to strengthen networks of positive experience can act as a natural antidepressant.

A New Medication on the Horizon for Depression

We are still a long way from having a fast-relief drug for depression that is safe for human use. But while we wait, you are not without options.

Depression Is a Drag

When depression is a drag, do not expect to move all at once. These kinds of slow and steady steps will strengthen your mood, your body and your mental energy to move forward.

Rumination: A Problem in Anxiety and Depression

Rumination is one of the similarities between anxiety and depression. Ruminating is simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion.

Depression and the Power of Influence

The critical distinction between influence and control makes all the difference to positive self esteem.

Minimize Your Response to Disaster and Terrorism

Here's how to prevent terrorism from terrorizing you into depression.

When Is Depression Not Depression? Part 4

Grief is good. It is the price we pay for loving, and the path we follow to love again.

When Is Depression Not Depression? Part 3

Depression is often described as a feeling of sadness, but sometimes people mistake other feelings for depression. Depression is not depression when it's disappointment.

When is Depression Not Depression? Part 2

Being discouraged is a state that sounds like depression, but the causes are so different.

When Is Depression Not Depression? Part 1

I have been talking with people lately who are suffering with symptoms they call depression, yet I am hearing something else. Something they don’t want to talk about mostly: loss and grief, discouragement and disappointment. These are all different from each other and different from depression.

The Age of Diagnoses and Prognoses

You are in many ways what you believe. And your brain regards as important those things on which you focus your attention and about which you repeatedly think.

The Essence of Managing Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and worry make us uneasy and can derail efforts to stay calm. Here are 10 simple ways to keep calm can make it possible to carry on even in difficult situations.

The Purpose of Worry and How to Manage it

There are many reasons why a person may develop the kind of anxiety that includes ruminative worrying. And there are many tools to control that kind of worry. Give these ideas a try—you might be surprised that you can eliminate worry.

Speaking Up for Yourself, Part 2

You can learn that speaking up does not have to mean conflict, and that gradually you can become more comfortable with establishing some boundaries. If the person you are with later treats you in a way that feels like payback for them being nice to you, then you have learned something about the relationship.

Speaking Up for Yourself, Part 1

The idea of boundaries feels like I may be asking them to put up a wall, to keep others away or just be alone without anyone near them.If you are depressed the idea of creating boundaries that separate you would make you feel much worse.

People, skills, attitude and money: the 4 Horsemen of Stress

Help I need somebody! Planning whom to call on is a #1 resource for stress.

Am I Being Punished?

If we were punished for every mistake, it would for sure be a depressing world. None of us gets what we deserve, and that is usually a good thing.

Shame and Depression

Low on energy = low on activity. That is a sure fire path to feeling blue. How does a person deal with what seems like an inevitable failure of motivation and activity?

Get Out Of Depression, Get Into Your Senses

Stimulate your senses to lift depression.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

When we try and control things that are not ours to control, it can result in more stress and problems than we anticipated.