Life Expectancy Projected to Increase Worldwide

Researchers find U.S. lags behind other high-income countries.

Looking for Love?

Where do people look for love and friendship? And where do they actually find it?, used with permission.

Exercise: Once a Week Will Do It!

Worried that you don't get enough exercise? A new study says exercising once a week can reduce your risk of chronic disease and early death—if you do it right.

These Foods Can Help Preserve Your Intelligence

Scientists have identified a single nutrient found in many common foods that can help preserve your gray matter and protect against age-related loss of brain power.

How Long Will You Live?

A government report says the average lifespan has decreased, and death rates from common diseases have risen. Time for a check-up!

To Groom or Not to Groom?

A new study says trimming your pubic area can increase your risk of STIs.

This Type of Exercise Changes Your Brain—for the Better!

If you're losing gray matter and your memory is starting to fade, this exercise can help.

Pet Therapy for Your Love Life

Can your relationship with your dog, cat, or betta fish predict the success of your romantic relationships?

Test Anxiety? Want to Get Better Grades? Take More Tests.

Do you or your children suffer from test anxiety? One study technique appears to help more than others.

6 Tips to Survive the Holidays Without Overeating

Is your holiday anxiety creeping up? Don't let it trigger you to overeat.

Who Has the Best Sex?

It takes more than attraction and consent to have a mutually satisfying sexual relationship.

High School Dating Abuse

Recognize the signs and learn what to do about this all-too-common behavior among teens.

Caffeine Helps Prevent Memory Loss, Research Shows

If you're worried about memory loss, new research says caffeine may be your drug of choice.

A New Approach to Weight Loss

Accept the challenge and commit to learning new skills, new research says.

When Food = Love, Saying "No" Can Be Tough

Whether it's a box of candy or a second helping of your grandma's famous lasagna, sometime you have to (carefully) refuse.

Fidgeting Has Benefits

Do you tap your fingers, shift your feet, squirm in your seat, and just generally have trouble staying still? That could be good news!

How Internet Use Is Shaping Our Brains

A new study shows how the Internet has changed the way we use our own minds.

How Volunteering Helps You

Want a long and happy life? Help someone else stay healthy.

Study Warns Sex Is Good for Older Women, Risky for Older Men

Sex is different for men and women, in more ways than one. A recent study explains.

Are You Trying too Hard to Be Environmentally Correct?

How to survive in the age of environmental guilt.

When Suicide Hits Home

A child's suicide leaves his family with a jumble of emotions mixed with grief. Here's how one mother is trying to cope.

Happiness Is (Literally) a Bowl of Cherries

Can eating healthier foods make you a happier person? Researchers say "yes!"

Get Out of Your Food Rut!

Have more fun with food and you may have more fun in your life.

Lonely, Bored, Overeating?

Looking for simple, non-edible ways to fill empty time? Just look around you.

Sex Stats: Just the facts, nothing but the facts.

If you're interested in other people's sex lives, here's a glimpse.

9 Ways to Say "No!"

Having trouble turning other people down? Try a variation on "no."

10+ Ways Exercise Can Change Your Life

One of them is bound to give you the motivation you need to get moving.

Is This (Finally) the Secret to Eating Less?

Are you trying to eat less or at least eat better? It's all in your timing.

10 Ways to Get Yourself Moving

Looking for exercise motivation? Follow this easy path to fitness.

How Men Feel About Their Bodies

Are you a man with concerns about your appearance? You're not alone!