Liz Swan

Jumping Off the Tenure-Track?

Feeling tempted to jump off the tenure-track? I get it! I did it. And so can you...

Why I Left Academia to Write Fantasy Books

Stuck in a career rut? Here's how my weekend hobby rewrote my future.

You Love to Teach!

Why do millennials expect perfection in themselves but resist like crazy the hard work it takes to get there?
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Safe Spaces Can Be Dangerous

What's so safe about "safe" spaces? They prevent students from growing and adapting which is, in fact, really scary.
Liz Swan

Why Trump Is Good for Academia

Were there "safe spaces" at Trump University? Probably not.

The Mirage of Sexism

Sexism is real. But what about when it's not? Find out why calling something "sexist" when it's not can be counterproductive and self-defeating.
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Why Is Academia So Negative?

Is academia wearing you out? Did it start out being fun but now is just sheer tedium?

I Wanted to Write About Attention Span Because....

Is it true that we live in a much busier and information-saturated world, or is that just a convenient myth?

Is "Incapacitated Rape" Really Rape?

Is rape on college campuses really as widespread as reported? It depends on how you define "rape".

Do You Want Fries With That College Degree?

Have today's colleges become a branch of the fast food industry? Millions of degrees sold, and counting!