Tis the Season to Be

Tis the season to be jolly. Is the act of forgiveness the key?
Lori Russell-Chapin

How Can We All Become “Super Agers?”

What does it take to become a Super Ager? Work that bucket list.

What is the Fascination With the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?

How might this solar eclipse help us in the understanding of ourselves and our shadow?
Lori Russell-Chapin

What Helps People Live a Long and Satisfying Life?

Strengthen your face-to-face relationships. It will add years to your life!

The Plant Paradox: Are All Vegetables Good for Us?

Is it possible that hidden lectins in our foods are harming us?
Lori Russell-Chapin

Does Neurocounseling Education Impact Age Differently?

Is it possible that neurocounseling and bridging brain and behavior can help us live more effectively and be helpful for any age group?

What Helps Our Plastic Brain Turn Into a Blastic Brain?

Learn what steps need to be taken to have a blastic brain!
Lori Russell-Chapin

How Do We Learn to Appreciate Each Other's Differences?

Appreciating rather than tolerating diversity makes life richer and more effective.

What is the number one predictor for personal success?

What is the biggest predictor of success? Discover 8 skills that will lead the way.
Lori Russell-Chapin

'Tis the Season to Be Grateful!

Feeling blue during the holidays? Try these simple gratitude techniques.

Now Is the Time for Resiliency

Are you still struggling with post-election decisions? Practice these brain-resiliency skills.
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Which Treatments Might Help Reduce Bulimia Symptoms?

The amazing results for bulimia with neurofeedback.

What Does Your Plastic Brain Need to Grow?

What does your brain need to grow? Create these 8 neuroplastic circumstances to enrich your brain!
Lori Russell-Chapin

Neurofeedback: A Remarkable Counseling Tool

Needs a more regulated brain? Neurofeedback may be the answer.

Living a Mindful Life Will Help in This Chaotic World!

Is it possible to live a mindful life in our chaotic world?

What, We Have a Second Brain? The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

Take the microbiome brain-gut challenge.

Amazing New Concepts About Our Brain From 13 Brain Experts

Want to learn more about what makes us, us?

Brain Health Versus Brain Illness: What Can We Do?

What can we do for better brain health?

Hate to Exercise?

If you hate to exercise, get your body moving with NEAT instead.

So Stressed Out: What's The Best Skill For Reducing Anxiety?

Feeling frazzled and stressed? Practice this skill correctly and feel better.

My Brain Doesn’t Seem To Be Working: Brainwave Dysregulation

Might we all need a little "brain spackle" during the holidays? Discover what causes brainwave dysregulation.