Personal Growth and the Mystery of the Self

Thoughts on depth psychology and the mystery of the self.

Technology Designed for Addiction

Have trouble limiting social media exposure? Tech giants want it that way.

A Mindful Day

Try these three reflections for a more peaceful day.

Finding Solace in Physics

These reads in science and science fiction will keep your mind sharp in these winter months.

Maintaining Positivity in Difficult Times

Having a bad day or a bad season? Check out these media links.

Happy New Year!

Want those New Year's resolutions to stick? Get started early.

Optimism Challenge Conclusion

Optimism enables the belief that life is worth living.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Endurance Sports

David talks with Meredith Atwood about meditation and endurance sports.

The Optimism Challenge, Continued

More ways to live a more positive life.

The Boundless Mind Podcast

The Boundless Mind podcast provides you with mindfulness exercises on the go.

The Optimism Challenge: Specific Strategies

Here are a few strategies for moving into a more optimistic frame of mind.

The Optimism Challenge

Can you become an optimist through deliberate practice? Try it and see.

The Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction nonsense? Perhaps it holds a grain of truth.

Psychology of Peak Performance, Continued

Endurance athletes teach lessons about mental toughness for everyone.

A Mindful Evening

Do you have trouble winding down at night? These brief meditations can ease you into a more restful space.

Reclaiming Human Dignity

Have you experienced religiously-based abuse or violence? This post explores the ideological basis for Judeo-Christian patterns of aggression.

Psychology of Peak Performance

If you are looking for a competitive edge or trying to find more interest in life, these stories from around the web will get your juices flowing.

Animal Behavior and Social Media

What can we learn about human online behavior by watching other species? Social interaction has the potential for both peace-making and aggression.

Climate Change, Inequality, and the Singularity

Technology is not a magical solution to all of the world's problems: We need to develop better ethical and political theories and build them into artificial intelligence.

Martyrdom: Worst Idea Ever

Martyrdom as an idea causes massive problems, on both the interpersonal and geopolitical levels.

Panpsychism and the Vale of Arve

Panpsychism upends traditional assumptions in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and ethics. The human person and the human mind are communal all the way down.

Mindfulness and Activism

The connection between mindfulness and activism.

Thoughts on Grof, Epilepsy, and Mysticism

The boundaries between neurological disorder and mystical experience cannot be mapped neatly.

Neil Gaiman and Process Philosophy

Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods provides a diversion, but possibly also some insight, into this fractious and upsetting time.