Never-Ending Battle of the Sexes

Some things have changed in the last few decades, but many things have not.

Karate Kata and Cognition

Thoughts from a woman who started training at age 80: "when I started to train in karate, my grandchildren said 'Grandma--you are crazy!' but now they are so proud of me."

First, Cause Pain

The martial arts concept of graduated response can also be used to give others latitude to alter behaviors before we apply severe reprimand or caustic criticism.

Eyes, Feet, Posture, Power: Look Before You Leap

Efficient application of the maxim "eyes, feet, posture, power" goes far beyond physical technique, all the way to improving interpersonal interactions and life ambitions.

Wonder Woman in the Ring: MMA Fighter Sarah Kaufman

Mixed martial arts fighter Sarah Kaufman shares thoughts on life in the ring and the importance of role models like Wonder Woman.

Pursuing Perfection Is the Point

We place too much emphasis on results when the only thing we can really control is the process. The journey is the key especially when the destination truly cannot be reached​.

Sports Are Games Played by Humans

Sports are played basically everywhere--but they aren't played at crime scenes. Time to push back on instant replay and slow-motion dissection of every event.

Karate Kicking to a Song by Sia

This is a story about a woman you haven’t heard of who influenced a girl you probably don’t know but who did something with a singer you’ve certainly seen.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss & Won't Make Concussions Go Away

The world? Not flat. Smoking? Causes cancer. Heavy collisions in sport? Cause concussions. Major sports leagues need to stop assessing blame and invest in solutions.

Watching Football Is a First World Guilty Pleasure

Many of us will tune into the upcoming Super Bowl. Enjoy it for what it is but also respect what these players go through. And see if there isn't a bit of guilt there too.

Wonderful Wickenheiser Inspired Greatness in Girls

An Olympic hockey champion and female trailblazer has retired. Hayley's interview in "Project Superhero" is excerpted here.

The Naked Truth About Breath and Brain

While you are out and about this holiday season please remember to take a few deep breaths in through the nose. It really will help you think more clearly and calmly.

Batman & Brain Injury

How much concussion exposure does big screen Batman actually have?

Martial Arts Training Can Help Autism

Evidence shows that martial arts training--and activities like horseback riding--focused on physical and mental integration can be effective in improving communication in autism.

The Ageless Inspiration of Activity

Ever thought you were too old for something? Aging doesn't mean we have to get old. Getting old comes with all sorts of baggage that isn't a requirement of aging.

Real Heroes Run Toward—Not Away From—Danger

A book excerpt from Project Superhero describing the experience of a first responder.

Olympics Bare Extreme Range of the Human Spirit

While we can aspire to Olympic ideals of decorum we often fail to adhere to their real life practice...a short coming not restricted to high performance athletes, of course.

The Cognitive Cost of Paying Attention

Stopped at a light and thinking about reaching over to check the texts on your phone? It will affect your ability to concentrate on driving. So, maybe don't do that.

Muhammad Ali and Where Determination Lives in the Brain

As our will becomes stronger than our skill our determination to achieve may grow greater still.

Jackie Robinson Day And Diversity in Major League Baseball

It's important to reflect on the importance of honoring and celebrating Jackie Robinson's efforts and career but also to pause and consider how far things have truly progressed.

Dawn of Justice Batman is the Worst Batman Ever

Batman at his best can serve as an inspirational figure. But not this Batman. This Batman is a gun-slinging killer. This is Batman at his worst.

Forget About Superman, What About Batman V Batgirl?

Skill and achieved abilities are the great levelers between the sexes and across all. Even between Batgirl and Batman.

Mind Over Brain--Your Will Must Be Stronger Than Your Skill

There is a line separating doing all we can from doing all we will accept.

Cam Newton Walks, Chews Gum, and Throws Touchdown Passes

We've all known people who "can't walk and chew gum at the same time." Here's why Cam Newton can do all that and more.

Creating an Exercise Health Habit

What's the shortest commitment you need to create a positive health habit? It's less and more than you think.

Let's Stop Using the Word "Disabled" To Limit People

There is no such thing as a category of "able" and and another of "disabled". All areas of human achievement span a continuum of ability and performance.

Giving Parkinson's Disease a Kung Fu Kick

Physical activity--like martial arts training--can serve an important rehabilitative role in neurological disorders. Tai chi training can give Parkinson's a good ol' kung fu kick.

The Rise and Rapid Reduction of 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey

Even though we enjoy watching the best athletes demonstrate their skills, we also like to see skillful, but super-confident athletes get beaten. Is it because we cannot identify with them?

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Ever wonder at a beautiful between the legs return in tennis, or an incredible behind the back pass in ice hockey? The sense of touch can help do that even when the athlete can't see where the racket or the stick is—they just know.

Why can't Batman beat the Joker?

Batman exists in a grim reality and a big part of that reality is the physical toll on the human playing the part of superhero. That toll is inflicted repeatedly by the bad guys he faces and none has been front and center for the repeated toll like the Joker. Why is the Joker so hard to beat?